More inbound leads.
Lower churn rate.
Serious MRR.

Get your actionable audit.

This assessment is a deep-dive analysis of your market, competition, and current positioning – backed by expert knowledge in inbound SaaS growth.

You’ll get actionable recommendations that can be implemented immediately to improve your online visibility and attract more qualified leads, resulting in real, attainable value.

We’ll walk through your audit together, answering questions in real time, and ending with options to manage your growth (either together or on your own). If you decide we should keep working together, the full audit charge is credited back to you for future services.

Either way, your assessment will be extensive, covering all categories of SEO, plus content marketing, sales funnel flow, retention opportunities, conversion recommendations, and opportunities for external exposure.

I look forward to helping you fuel growth and boost revenue. Your audit is available for $299, and if you decide to work with me after the audit, that fee will be credited back to you. Take control of your online presence and start driving growth – order your audit, and I’ll get started immediately.


It’s all three. It includes a traditional SEO analysis (on-site, off-site, and technical) tailored for SaaS, a content audit to improve performance of existing content, and a roadmap for future content production to build an inbound pipeline that drives sign-ups. Your checkout flow and CTAs are reviewed as well. The audit serves as a thorough overview of your ideal marketing strategy and makes specific recommendations on how to implement it. You’ll receive a comprehensive action plan to help you achieve your growth goals and drive more leads.

Agencies frequently offer a basic audit to kickstart the conversation and provide talking points. These are usually an exported report from a third party tool with some general copy-and-paste information. This audit is entirely different and more closely resembles the foundational work done during the first month of a real campaign. Your analysis is done manually, drawing from expert level SaaS industry experience to answer critical questions and develop tailored growth strategies just for you.

The audit is a one-time fee of $299, and it includes comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations. If you decide we should work together on an ongoing basis to implement and manage your growth strategy, your audit costs will be credited towards your next invoice. Your audit will provide specific recommendations on which services make sense in your specific situation, and ongoing support will be available based on a monthly retainer that varies depending on your goals. Most clients consider these retainers to be quite reasonably priced.

Absolutely. The audit is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for scalable growth. The recommendations provided in the audit are based on SaaS best practices combined with prior experience. They are tailored to your specific brand and target audience to help drive more qualified leads and increase your MRR. There will likely be some one-time recommendations as well, such as technical issues to address or tweaks to your navigation or UI.

Both the standalone audit and audit + ongoing growth management have helped a number of SaaS companies in the past to drive significant growth. For example, one client was able to increase targeted traffic 3.2x and qualified leads by 3.4x within 6 months. Most clients see a significant increase in MRR within the first 6 months of implementing the recommended strategies. A lot depends on where you’re starting and your will to scale things like content production. My biggest win is 4.1M in revenue post-launch directly resulting from recommended content pieces.

Even major companies like Salesforce still have room to scale with the right recommendations. However, if the outcome of the audit is essentially “Keep doing what you’re doing!”, then your payment will be refunded. One advantage of an assessment like this is the ability to launch any ongoing marketing efforts knowing precisely what does and doesn’t need to be accomplished. This reduces waste and produces faster results than a cookie-cutter approach. The goal is to provide value with each action and maintain a great relationship with my clients and a great reputation in the SaaS industry.

Following your content audit, you’ll receive a clear content strategy that outlines topics and formats that will resonate with your target audience. These are tailored around your unique ability to capture search traffic for various types of phrases, taking into consideration your relative authority and staying realistic with topic selection. Additionally, I can work with you on an ongoing basis to manage your content creation and even personally craft posts and articles designed to rank and convert.

Me. Unless discussed ahead of time, I personally execute all deliverables, especially mission critical projects like this audit. Depending on the scope of our ongoing engagement and your growth aspirations, it might make sense to discuss bringing additional talent onboard. Of course, if you have an internal marketing team, I would love to collaborate with them and review any historical data you have.

I’ve spent 14 years consulting on SEO, content marketing, and conversion strategies. Before focusing exclusively on B2B SaaS, I worked hard to drive results for local companies, universities, and major corporations such as Mitsubishi Motors, E*TRADE, and Accor Hotels. I’m Google and Hubspot certified, and I received training from CXL in conversion optimization. I ran content strategy for a SaaS launch that resulted in $4.1M in sales, and I grew a new blog from 0 to 149,051 monthly pageviews with no budget.

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