Comprehensive, Unbiased Digital Due Diligence Assessments, Developed For:

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Delivered With or Without Firsthand Data Access

Modern Assessments for
Modern Companies

 Are you stuck using 20th century processes to vet 21st century companies?

Traditional due diligence often lacks deep insight into the digital landscape. Empirical’s consultants complement your existing processes by providing unprecedented levels of clarity into historical performance and future growth potential.

We can help identify red flags and provide a realistic assessment of ROI potential for Private Equity, Venture Capital, M&A, or other types of investments. We’re available to develop a roadmap for growth, and can even assist with executing growth strategies after the deal is complete.

Your Trusted Partner in Delicate Situations

We can fully partner with your portfolio company and work with the internal team to conduct our analysis, or we can operate entirely incognito using externally-available data to navigate sensitive situations.

This subtilty is perfect for assessments conducted after the investment has been made, or in situations where it’s best to stay off the portfolio company’s radar.

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